FX Limited SVHO

The ultimate luxury package

Go all out with our top-of-the-line luxury model including all of the best premium features and powerful engine to drive all the action.

Color & Specifications

Deep Metallic Red


Connext Touchscreen

Experience a new level of sophistication with a fully integrated Connext touchscreen, featuring Drive Control technology and Security Mode.

Multi-Mount System

Integrated mount accepts hardware for multiple electronics

Upgraded Reboarding Step

Designed to make it easier to reboard after a swim. Conveniently tucks away when not in use.

Footwell Drains

Footwell drain drains out into the jet pump area and overboard

Pull-up Cleats

Plenty of cleats for tying up to the dock. FX Limited has 4 pull-up cleats.

Newly designed Gunwale


Yamaha's 1.8L supercharged, Super Vortex High Output Marine engine delivers more power and torque than any WaveRunner Personal WaterCraft before it.

NanoXcel2 Hull

NanoXcel2 hull delivers an impressive power-to-weight ratio, agile ride and industry-leading fuel efficiency.


Drivers switch from forward to neutral to reverse with one pull of the throttle resulting in easier deceleration, reversing and docking.

Electric Trim

Trim can be adjusted simply by operating the buttons laid out on the left handle switch box.

Cruise Assist / No Wake Mode

Find the perfect towing speed or set "no wake" instantly.

Custom Cut Two-Tone Deck Mats

2-Piece Cruiser Seat

The theater-style 3-person Cruiser Seat is designed to provide comfort for all-day touring.

Adjustable Tilt Steering System

Set the handlebars according to your riding preferences.

Bow Storage

Plenty of storage to bring along essentials for the day.

Watertight Storage

Dry storage area is perfect for towels and other essentials.

Stern/Platform Storage

The fast access stern storage provides the perfect place for towing gear.

Tow Hook

Uniquely designed for the Limited, the tow hook is perfect for tube hook-up.

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